Best answer: How do I get into DARS Ohio University?

What is DARS at Ohio University?

DARS is an acronym for the Degree Audit Reporting System. … The DARS report displays the courses from which you must select in order to complete degree requirements, and it shows how the completed courses apply toward those requirements.

How do I view DARS?

Access your DARS online(opens in a new window). You will need your OHIO ID (email address) and password. If you need further explanation about your DARS report, contact your School of Nursing academic advisor at for assistance.

What is DARS report?

DARS is a tool used to help advise enrollment and degree requirements. A DARS report shows all the requirements for completing a degree and, against courses that are planned or completed, indicates which requirements have been met and which are still needed.

What is a passing grade at Ohio University?

Grades used in GPA calculation

Letter grade Numerical equivalent (grade point value) Description
C 2.00 Acceptable (minimally acceptable at the graduate level)
C- 1.67 Acceptable (not acceptable at the graduate level)
D+ 1.33 Passing (not acceptable at the graduate level)
D 1.00 Passing (not acceptable at the graduate level)
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How does Ohio University calculate GPA?

To calculate your projected GPA for only the current semester:

  1. Enter the Credit Hours for each course you are currently taking for a grade. Non-graded and pass/fail courses do not count in your GPA.
  2. Select your expected grades for each course and press Calculate.

What does DARS stand for in college?

DARS. Degree Audit Report for Students.

How do I register for classes at Ohio University?

If you have questions, call their office at 740.593. 4324 or email

Keep in mind:

  1. You must be an Ohio University student to register for courses. …
  2. Your enrollment time will be posted in the My OHIO Student Center.

What is dean’s list at Ohio University?

To be named to the Dean’s list, a student must have earned a grade point average of at least 3.5 for the semester through a schedule of classes totaling at least 15 hours, 12 of which were taken for letter grades.

How do you run what if DARS?


  1. Go to the ‘What-if’ Audit section of request page: …
  2. Select Run new ‘what if’ audit. …
  3. Select School, College or Population. …
  4. Select Academic Plan/Program: …
  5. Choose audit settings: …
  6. For a What if audit, students may choose: …
  7. After all audit settings are complete, select Next.

What’s a degree audit?

A Degree Audit report (DAR) is a printed record of a personalized degree plan and an analysis of academic progress for each student based on the catalog requirements for a degree. The report is generated from the SIS/ON COURSE SYSTEM derived from data input into this system, either automatically or manually.

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Why is it important to run your DARS?

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) produces a report reflecting academic progress toward completion of an undergraduate degree in your declared or proposed major. … The Degree Audit Report is an internal document. It should be used as a tool to assist you and your adviser in planning your future coursework.

How do I save DARS as a PDF?

Saving your Degree Audit as a PDF:

  1. Complete the steps to view your degree audit.
  2. Right-click in the browser page and select the print option.
  3. Change the printer to “Print to PDF”, and click Print. A dialogue box will pop up and ask where you want to save it.
  4. Select the location you want to save it and press Save.

What is DARS audit?

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) used by Arizona State University students and academic advisors to track progress towards graduation. A degree audit is an automated report that matches courses a student has completed with the requirements of a particular academic degree program. … Select Degree Audit (DARS).

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