When did Ufv become a university?

Founded in 1974 as Fraser Valley College, it was a response to the need for expanded vocational training in the communities of the Fraser Valley. In 1988, it became a university college, with degree-granting status.

Who owns Ufv?

University of the Fraser Valley

Motto Iyaqáwtxw
Chancellor Andy Sidhu
President Joanne MacLean
Academic staff 710 (c. 2012)
Students 15,176 (c. 2012)

Is Capilano University public or private?

In 2008, the province changed Capilano College’s designation to a university and, as of 2019, it has grown to enroll approximately 12,700 students per year.

Capilano University.

Capilano University coat of arms
Motto in English “Through learning to a greater good”
Type Public
Established 1968
Chancellor Yuri Fulmer
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Portal for students