What is the number one college in Georgia?

Rank School Location
1 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
2 Emory University Atlanta, GA
3 University of Georgia Athens, GA
4 Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

What is the best college to go to in Georgia?

2022 Best Colleges in Georgia

  • Georgia Institute of Technology. 4 Year. #1 Best Colleges in Georgia. …
  • Emory University. 4 Year. Rating 3.8 out of 5 1,534 reviews. …
  • University of Georgia. 4 Year. …
  • Mercer University. 4 Year. …
  • Agnes Scott College. 4 Year. …
  • Spelman College. 4 Year. …
  • Berry College. 4 Year. …
  • Georgia Southern University. 4 Year.

What is the most competitive college in Georgia?

Explore the hardest colleges to get into ranking based on acceptance rates and SAT/ACT test scores using data from the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Emory University. …
  • Georgia Institute of Technology. …
  • University of Georgia. …
  • Savannah State University. …
  • Spelman College. …
  • Emmanuel College – Georgia. …
  • LaGrange College.

What is the cheapest college in Georgia?

Recommended Schools

Rank School Name In-State Cost
1 Central Georgia Technical College $2,040
2 Atlanta Metropolitan State College $2,128
3 Bainbridge State College $2,128
4 Georgia Highlands College $2,128

Is GSU better than UNG?

The University of North Georgia (UNG) is ranked as the No. … Schools ranked higher than UNG were University of Georgia (1), Georgia Institute of Technology (2), Georgia College and State University (3), and Georgia Southern University (4). Each school was scored on a 100-point scale, using specific data points.

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Is Georgia College a party school?

We are not a party school. Someone who is looking for a rigourous academic schedule with many oportunitites for outside learning. Also, someone who is looking to slack off and not attend class or do their schoolwork should not attend GCSU either.

Is Georgia Southern hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Georgia Southern is 67.7%.

This means the school is moderately selective. The school expects you to meet their requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, but they’re more flexible than other schools. If you exceed their requirements, you have an excellent chance of getting in.

What colleges will accept a 2.5 GPA in Georgia?

Georgia Colleges and Universities

School City Enroll
Georgia Gwinnett College Lawrenceville 13,562
Georgia Highlands College Rome 7,122
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Atlanta 26,942
Georgia Regents University Augusta 9,126
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