What is the American College?

The American College of Financial Services (The American College) is a private college focused on professional training for financial practitioners and located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. … Annually, The American College educates approximately 40,000 students, mainly through distance education.

What is a Certified Family Business Specialist?

The Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS) designation is offered by The American College. … Candidates must complete the following three classes: Financial Statements & Business Valuation Analysis, Business Succession Planning I and Business Succession Planning II.

Where is the College of Financial Planning?

College & University in Centennial, Colorado.

How does college work in America?

Undergraduate studies can start immediately after secondary school. There are two main options: a two-year associate’s degree and a four-year bachelor’s degree. Generally, associate’s degrees are granted at two-year US community colleges, while bachelor’s degrees are awarded from four-year colleges and universities.

What is the best insurance designation to have?

Here are the most popular and respected designations these organizations offer:

  • #1 Certified Insurance Counselor – CIC.
  • #2 Certified Risk Manager – CRM.
  • #3 Certified WorkComp Advisor – CWCA.
  • #4 Accredited Advisor in Insurance – AAI.
  • #5 Certified Insurance Service Representative – CISR.
  • #6 Certified WorkComp Specialist – CWCS.

What financial designation should I get?

Here are the top 10 financial certifications to look for when working with a financial adviser.

  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant. …
  • CFP – Certified Financial Planner. …
  • ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant. …
  • CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst. …
  • CIC – Chartered Investment Counselor. …
  • FRM – Financial Risk Manager.
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How do I become a Cmfc?

In order to earn a CMFC designation, financial advisors must take a 10-week course and pass a rigorous test. Students are expected to understand mutual funds, asset allocation, retirement planning, risk and return and other investment topics.

How long does it take to get a CLU designation?

The CLU Curriculum

The program can be completed as quickly as a candidate desires, but most students complete their designation requirements within 15-24 months.

Is a Crpc a fiduciary?

Advisors who work for a Registered Investment Advisor firm are all held to the Fiduciary standard. Check their certifications. … Advisors holding certifications from the College for Financial Planning or popular certifications such as CFP, CRPC, CFA are all held to higher ethical standards!

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