What is not allowed in college dorms?

String lights, such as miniature Christmas lights. Extension cords. Cooking appliances, such as hot plates and toaster ovens. Air conditioners or space heaters.

What can you not have in a college dorm?

Laundry basket and a laundry bag – No room for both. Bring a collapsible laundry bag. A lot of hangers – “Extra shelves—maybe—would have collected more clothes,” according to one mom. Bulky luggage – Pack clothes in collapsible bags or use heavy-duty garbage bags for transport.

Are you allowed to have a toaster in college?

The truth is most colleges won’t allow a toaster or a toaster oven over in a dorm, since they are small confined rooms. So, for most universities, the answer to ‘can you have a toaster oven in a dorm’ is no. The reason being toaster and toaster ovens can easily cause fire hazards.

Can you bring a TV to your dorm?

Televisions. … There’s little point in bringing a bulky TV to a small dorm room, especially one with limited shelf space. “The big clunky TVs are a thing of the past,” said Luse, who recommended leaving behind any electronics whose functions can be done on a laptop or smartphone.

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Are candles allowed in college dorms?

Colleges typically don’t allow students to keep candles in their dorm rooms as they’re seen as a potential fire hazard, but they’re also such an essential part of a cozy and welcoming space.

What should I not take to college?

20 Things You Should Not Bring To College

  • Bulky Luggage. …
  • Out-Of-Season Clothes. …
  • Pots, Pans, and Dishware Sets. …
  • Iron and Ironing Board. …
  • Toaster. …
  • Blender. …
  • Formal Tuxedos & Dresses. …
  • Impractical Shoes.

What you shouldnt bring to college?

Things you should not bring to college:

  • Your high school T-shirts. …
  • Your entire collection of heels that you’ve cultivated since birth. …
  • Your library. …
  • A bunch of random school supplies. …
  • 12 pairs of sheets and 20,000 towels. …
  • Iron and ironing board. …
  • Coffee maker. …
  • Out-of-season clothes.

Can I have a microwave in my dorm?


Having a dependable microwave is another must-have dorm appliance. Sure, your dorm will probably have a microwave in the common area, but most likely, it’s going to be an old model that probably doesn’t work as effectively as one you bring yourself.

Can I bring an air fryer to my dorm?

An air fryer is a perfect choice for cooking in an apartment with little available counter space, such as in a college dorm.

Approved Appliance List (Wright State University)

Appliance Residence Halls Apartments
Air Fryer Allowed (Max 1500 watts) Allowed (Max 1500 watts)

Do toasters make smoke?

It is not uncommon for oil to drip onto the heating elements of an oven toaster and other similar appliances. … Even a little bit of oil or grease can cause the appliance to smoke once it’s turned on. When you see that electric elements are smoking, don’t panic.

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Do you keep the same dorm all 4 years?

It does indeed depend on the culture of the university, the availability and cost of nearby housing, and whether the university allows them to stay in the dorms for all four years (some universities don’t).

How much money should you bring to college?

But, generally speaking, the going rate for a spending allowance at college seems to be $100 to $300 a month, said Leah Bourne, managing editor of the financial site The Money Manual. A 2018 OppLoans poll of 1,000 college students bears that out; 67% said they receive $2,000 or less annually from their parents.

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