What are some awards for elementary students?

What awards can be given to students?

50 Student Award Titles to Boost Your Year-End Awards Assembly

  • Above and Beyond Award.
  • Academic Excellence Award.
  • Academic Star.
  • Achievement Award.
  • Artfully Creative Award.
  • Aspiring Author.
  • Awesome Attitude.
  • Caring Classroom Award.

What is the best award in elementary school?

Top 5 Best Awards For Elementary School Students

  • Traditional Awards. Classic student awards are always in style. …
  • Today’s Awards. …
  • Useful Awards. …
  • Technology Awards. …
  • Wearable Awards.

What awards do middle school students get?

Student Awards

  • National Honor Society Scholarship.
  • NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award.
  • Outstanding Service Project Awards.
  • American Citizenship Awards.
  • President’s Education Awards.

What is an elementary school citizenship award?

CITIZENSHIP. American Citizenship Award Program is presented, at your discretion, to any student in elementary, middle, or high school. The award is meant to recognize students who possess strength of character, are school or community leaders, promote citizenship, or other similar characteristics of leadership.

How do you list awards?

How to include awards on a resume

  1. List awards under the right sections.
  2. Include significant awards only.
  3. Quantify your accomplishments.
  4. Include award title, recognition level and date.
  5. Choose action-oriented verbs.
  6. Explain the achievement’s impact.

What is the highest award in high school?

The President’s Educational Excellence award is one of the best high schools in USA. This award is granted by the office of the President of the United States. It is awarded based on the criteria provided by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

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What are common app honors?

An honor refers to any award or achievement you received at any point during your four years of high school. So even if you aren’t a National Merit Scholar, chances are you’ve received some kind of recognition worth mentioning. The Honors section appears in the Education section of the Common App.

What awards can I win in high school?

School-Based Awards

  • Foreign language award.
  • High class rank (e.g., top 10%)
  • Honor roll/GPA award.
  • National Honor Society membership.
  • Perfect Attendance Award.
  • School-specific award.
  • School subject-specific award.
  • Student of the Month/Term/Year.
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