Quick Answer: What percent of University of Michigan is black?

The enrolled student population at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, both undergraduate and graduate, is 52.2% White, 13.3% Asian, 6.51% Hispanic or Latino, 4.26% Black or African American, 4.01% Two or More Races, 0.152% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.0333% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

What percent of college students are black?

The percentage of Black students increased from 10 percent in 1976 to 14 percent in 2017, but the 2017 percentage reflects a decrease since 2011, when Black students made up 15 percent of all enrolled U.S. residents.

Is Michigan mostly black?

The following data was sourced from the 2010 U.S. Census.

Cities with the highest percentage of African American people.

Rank 1
City Detroit, MI
Percentage of African Americans 82.7
Total African Americans 670,226

How diverse is Ann Arbor Michigan?

Ann Arbor Demographics

White: 71.05% Asian: 16.87% Black or African American: 6.80% Two or more races: 4.12%

Where do most Black students go to college?

Colleges with the Highest Percentage of Black, Non-Hispanic…

  • Spelman College (Atlanta, GA): 97.05%
  • Mississippi Valley State University (Itta Bena, MS): 95.57%
  • South Carolina State University (Orangeburg, SC): 95.10%
  • Morris College (Sumter, SC): 94.92%
  • Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA): 94.29%

Where are the most black people in Michigan?

The Detroit Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA)3 accounts for 72 percent of the state’s metropolitan black population, and, within the Detroit PMSA, Wayne County holds 85 percent of the PMSA total, with a black population of 864,627, representing 42 percent of its total population.

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Which U.S. state is the blackest?

By 2019 census estimates

% African- American Rank State or territory
76.0% 1 Virgin Islands (U.S.)
47.2% 2 District of Columbia
38.9% 3 Mississippi
33.5% 4 Georgia
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