Quick Answer: What does matriculating students mean?

A matriculated student has been accepted for admission to the College, has registered in a major and is pursuing courses toward a degree or certificate. Students must maintain good academic standing to keep their matriculated status.

What does matriculate mean in college?

A Definition

Matriculated Student: a student who has applied and been accepted to Worcester State University as a degree-seeking student. Non-Matriculated Student: a student who registers for and takes classes at Worcester State University but has not been admitted into a degree program.

What is non matriculating?

Non-Matriculated enrollment is open to individuals requesting to enroll in a course (or courses) without being accepted into a degree program. Non-Matriculated enrollment is for students who are: Meeting credentialing requirements of a state licensing agency.

What matriculants mean?

noun. A person who has matriculated or is applying for matriculation. noun. A person who has matriculated or been registered on a list or roll, usually at a school.

What does matriculation status mean?

In South Africa, matriculation (or matric) is the final year of high school and the qualification received on graduating from high school, and the minimum university entrance requirements. … Once the Matric year has been passed, students are said to have “matriculated“.

What does Triculate mean?

Filters. (UK, dialectal, usually with “up”) To beautify; to pretty.

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What’s another word for matriculate?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for matriculate, like: enrol, join, enter, register, balliol, enroll, sign up for, admit, graduate and pupillari.

Can non-matriculated students get fafsa?

A student not enrolled in a degree or approved certificate program is not eligible to receive federal financial aid.

Does part time student do matriculation?

For instance, full-time, matriculated students usually have to take between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester. Non-matriculated students can usually only attend classes on a part-time basis, meaning that they have to take less than 12 credit hours per semester.

Is matriculated correct?

If you hope to matriculate at a certain school, it means you want to be a student there. The verb matriculate is often confused the verb graduate — which means a student has completed a course of study. … There is also a noun form of matriculate: a matriculate is someone who has enrolled as a student.

How do you use the word matriculate?

Matriculate in a Sentence

  1. After high school, I will matriculate at a local community college.
  2. Only the best and the brightest can matriculate at Ivy League universities.
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