Question: Where is College GameDay setting up?

Equipment and crews from ESPN’s “College GameDay” began arriving at Coastal Carolina University on Wednesday to start setting up ahead of Saturday’s live broadcast from the home of the Chanticleers. It’s the first time in school history that “College GameDay” has made a stop at CCU.

Where is College GameDay this week 10 2020?

Location, schedule, guest picker for Week 10 on ESPN. “College GameDay” will be in South Bend, Ind., for its second top-five matchup of the season: No. 1 Clemson at No. 4 Notre Dame.

Why does Lee Corso always hold a pencil?

Athens, GA (Sept 26, 2008) – In a meeting with reporters this afternoon, one intrepid journalist asked Lee Corso what the deal is with the pencil he is always holding on the ESPN College GameDay show. The answer was simple and humorous. … Lee Corso holds a Number 2 Dixon-Ticonderoga Pencil as he educates reporters.

Where is ESPN GameDay this Saturday?

Saturday’s “GameDay” will be broadcast from ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut.

Who was the guest picker on GameDay today?

“College GameDay” announced Joe Namath as its guest picker in a tweet.

What college did Lee Corso go to?

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