Is the Wells Fargo Student Credit Card good?

What credit score do you need for a Wells Fargo College Credit Card?

Wells Fargo Cash Back College℠ Card: No Score Needed

The card also offers an introductory 0% APR offer that’s good on both new purchases and balance transfers, a relative rarity in the student credit card market.

Is Wells Fargo good for students?

Among the many financial services offered by Wells Fargo is the Wells Fargo Student Checking Account. Really, this is just the Well Fargo Everyday Checking Account, but students 17-24 years old get a $5 discount on the monthly fee.

Does Wells Fargo automatically increase credit limit?

Wells Fargo does not do a hard pull for a credit limit increase in most cases. Wells Fargo will more than likely use a soft pull to evaluate a cardholder for a credit limit increase, whether the cardholder requests the increase or Wells Fargo offers it automatically.

What is the best bank for high school students?

8 Best Banks for High School Students

The Best Banks for High School Students
Bank Checking Account Minimum to Open
1st Source Bank E-Student Checking Account $15
Chase Bank Chase High School Checking $25
Bank of America Core Checking $25
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Can a 13 year old get a debit card at Wells Fargo?

An optional ATM card is available for your child. The account may be linked to a Wells Fargo Debit Card. Wells Fargo Online® access is available when your child reaches age 13. Uniform Transfers/Gifts to Minors Act (UTMA/UGMA).

Can a 14 year old get a debit card at Wells Fargo?

Everyday Checking customers have other ways to avoid the monthly service fee. Customers between 13 and 16 years old must open the Clear Access Banking account with an adult co-owner.

What is Wells Fargo credit limit?

Wells Fargo credit card limits range from $500 for the Wells Fargo Cash Back College℠ Card to $5,000 for the Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Card, at a minimum. Other Wells Fargo cards fall somewhere in the middle.

Which Wells Fargo credit card has the highest limit?

Best High Limit Credit Card with No Annual Fee: Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card. The Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Card boasts a minimum credit limit of $1,000, and offers an introductory balance transfer and purchase APR of 0% for 18 months — one of the longest 0% APR offers in the credit card industry.

What is a good credit limit to have?

Generally speaking, experts suggest keeping your credit utilization below 30 percent for the best results, which would mean having balances of $3,000 or below for every $10,000 in available credit you have.

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