How much is tuition at UWF?

University of West Florida

How much is UWF a semester?

Tuition Rates

Direct Costs Florida Resident Non-FL Resident
$ per Credit Hour $212 $642
Tuition * $6,360 $19,260
Housing ** $5,800 $5,800
Meals *** $3,880 $3,880

How much is room and board at UWF?

Full-Time Undergraduate Financial Aid Student Budgets

FL Resident Commuter (a) On-Campus
Room & Board 3,950 11,268 (d)
Transportation 1,800 1,200
Personal 2,300 2,300
TOTAL $16,010 $22,728

How much is housing at UWF?

Incoming Freshman Community Rental Rates

Freshman Community Options Semester Rate **Estimated Semester Cost
Martin, Argo, Pace Shared Suite (2 people) $2,900 $2,830
Martin, Argo, Pace Private Suite (1 person) $3,190 $3,120
Heritage, Presidents Shared Deluxe Suite (2 per bedroom, 4 per suite) $3,000 $2,930

Does UWF have dorms?

Housing & Campus Life

UWF’s main campus offers housing for approximately 2,040 students in the university’s several residence halls located in the heart of campus including Southside Villages, Argo, Heritage, Martin, Pace, and Presidents Residence Halls and the University Village Student Apartments.

What SAT score is required for UWF?

A student whose high school educational program is not measured in Carnegie Units must present a combined test score of at least 1450 on the SAT Reasoning Test (all three portions), an overall combined test score of 1060 on the 2016 Redesigned SAT, or a minimum composite score of 21 on the ACT.

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Is UWF a good school?

UWF ranks top 15 in U.S. News & World Report’s Top Public Schools – Regional South Rankings for second consecutive year. For the second consecutive year, the University of West Florida ranks among the best public regional universities in the South.

Does UWF require freshmen to live on campus?

Are students required to live on campus? No. UWF does not have an on-campus residency requirement. Though we would love to have you live with us!

How many national championships and Gulf South Conference GSC championships have UWF Athletics won?

The West Florida Argonauts are composed of 16 NCAA sports teams which make up the athletic program for the University of West Florida.

Program achievements.

Gulf South Conference Champions
NCAA Division II Regional Championships 2017, 2019
NCAA Division II National Championships 2019
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