How much is Texas Tech tuition per year?

Университет Техас Тек

How much does it cost to go to Texas Tech University for 4 years?

At the current published rates, an estimated total tuition, fees and living expense price for a 4 year bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech is $94,360 for students graduating in normal time.

How much does it cost to go to Texas Tech per semester?

Texas Resident or Bordering County (NM or OK)

Undergraduate Law
Tuition & Fees $11,600 $26,932
Housing $6,304 $6,304
Meals $3,652 $3,652
Books & Supplies $1,200 $1,200

How much does it cost to attend Texas Tech for one year?

Residents of Texas pay an annual total price of $23,590 to attend Texas Tech University on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $6,744 for tuition, $8,670 room and board, $1,200 for books and supplies and $2,556 for other fees.

How much is Texas Tech tuition per credit hour?

Tuition and Fees

Texas residents will be charged tuition at a rate of $200 per semester credit hour. Non-resident and foreign students will be charged tuition at a rate of $615 per semester credit hour.

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What is the cheapest college in Texas?

Cheapest Colleges in Texas by In State Tuition

College In State Tuition Value
#1 The University of Texas at Brownsville Brownsville, Public Not For Profit $1,800 NA
#2 South Texas College McAllen, Public Not For Profit $2,610 NA
#3 Brazosport College Lake Jackson, Public Not For Profit $2,622 NA

Are freshmen required to live on campus at Texas Tech?

Residence Requirement

The University requires enrolled first-year students to live in the university residence halls. Priority is given to those who must meet the first-year on-campus residency requirement. We understand that not every first-year student is able to live in the Residence Halls.

How hard is it to get into Texas Tech?

Admissions Overview

Texas Tech admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 69%. Students that get into Texas Tech have an average SAT score between 1070-1260 or an average ACT score of 22-27. The regular admissions application deadline for Texas Tech is December 1.

How much are dorms at Texas Tech?

Room and Board Expenses & Costs

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $8,670 $8,670
— Housing $4,675
— Meals $3,995
Other Living Expenses $4,420 $4,420

What is unique about Texas Tech?

The best thing about Texas Tech is its relaxed environment and the quality of the education here is excellent. The Spanish-Renaissance architecture is one you won’t find on other campuses. This architecture is unique to Texas Tech and it makes for a beautiful campus. Each building on campus looks very similar.

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