How much is a credit hour at Metro Community College?

Credit Hours In District Out of State
1 $116 $307
2 $232 $614
3 $348 $921
4 $464 $1,228

How much does a 3 credit class cost?

Most college courses are worth 3 credit hours, meaning one college class costs $1,677. The average public, 4-year university charges in-state residents $396 per credit hour or $1,188 per course. The average private, nonprofit university charges $1,492 per credit hour or $4,476 per course.

Is Metro Community College free?

CollegeNow! is a program specifically designed for high school students to jumpstart their college education with half-price tuition. Students enroll into sections taught by Metropolitan Community College faculty on campus or online.

Is it cheaper to take online classes?

Colleges and universities that offer online degree programs typically will be cheaper than going to a traditional brick-and-mortar university for a variety of reasons. … This allows online colleges and universities to offer cheaper tuition rates compared to traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities.

Does Metro Community College have dorms?

MCC does not offer residential life on campus. … MCC does not endorse or recommend any of the apartment search engines below.

How do I apply to Metro Community College?

2) Transfer (non-high school or ESL/IEP) F-1 student applying from within the U.S.:

  1. Gather information about MCC.
  2. Apply for admission by turning in all application materials.
  3. Take any assessments that may be necessary for course placement. …
  4. Wait for ISS to review the application and get notice of acceptance or denial.
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