How many students does high school have?

Secondary schools have seen a slightly lower increase in enrollment but a decrease in the number of schools. By 2018, the total number of students in secondary/high school had increased to 15.3 million.

How many students are in a big high school?

While the average high school size is around 1100-1200 students, to make this list you have to have well over 3000 students at your school to make the cut!

What is the biggest high school in the US?

Do students like math?

According to the survey data, nearly twice as many students (46 percent) report they like or love math compared to those who said they hate or dislike it (24 percent). The remainder of students (30 percent) said they were indifferent on the subject.

Does class size really matter?

Class size doesn’t matter because it changes teacher behaviors. … Class size matters because it allows the teacher greater proximity to the students, and thus more opportunities for one-to-one and small-group instruction.

What is the #1 high school in California?


Rank School District
1 Riverside STEM Academy Riverside Unified
2 Whitney (Gretchen) High ABC Unified
3 William & Marian Ghidotti High Nevada Joint Union High
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