How many credits do you need to graduate PSU?

A minimum of 120 degree credits must be earned for a baccalaureate degree. The requirements for some programs may exceed 120 credits. Students should consult with their college or department adviser for information on specific credit requirements.

How many credits is a semester at Penn State?

Generally students will enroll for fourteen (14) to nineteen (19) credits per semester to complete an undergraduate degree in four years. Students beginning in Summer I must be registered for 12 credits; students beginning in Summer II must be registered for 6 credits.

How many credits do you need to graduate from Penn State engineering?

Undergraduate Program Requirements

The following requirements, totaling 129 credits, must be met for students to successfully earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State.

How many Gen Ed credits do you need Penn State?

Three credits of the required 21 credits of General Education courses are to be selected from any of the following General Education areas: Writing/Speaking, Quantification, Natural Sciences, Arts, Humanities, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.

How many credits do you need to be a junior at Penn State?

Classification of Students by Semester

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Total Credits Earned Semester Classification Status
29.1 to 44 3 Sophomore
44.1 to 59 4
59.1 to 74 5 Junior
74.1 to 89 6

How long do Penn State credits last?

The last 60 credits required for a candidate’s first baccalaureate degree must be earned within five calendar years.

What’s better a minor or a certificate?

It often seem as though a minor is the better fit for an undergraduate program since they seem to be more common than certificates in academia. A certificate may be a wise choice if you are preparing to do something specific, such as receive a promotion, or obtain a certain skill set.

How do I declare a minor PSU?

Students wishing to declare a minor can do so on LionPATH. Students wishing to cancel a minor should contact their minor office. To graduate with a minor, you must be accepted in the minor before the late drop deadline of your last semester.

How are minors awarded?

A minor consists of a minimum of fifteen units, as specified by the department or program, at least six of which must be upper division. The minimum overall GPA in courses toward the minor is 2.0. … Minors are awarded only as part of a baccalaureate degree. Students may not finish a minor after they have graduated.

What is a quantification course?

This course introduces the fundamental concepts and processes of solving computational problems through the design, implementation, testing, and evaluation of basic computer programs. The concepts include basic computational constructs such as calculation, iteration, conditions, functions, and data types.

Does Penn State require a foreign language?

Completion of LANG 3 satisfies the world language requirement for most majors. … All Penn State students are expected to have completed two units (commonly two years of high school work) of a world language.

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