How long is Airwar college?

The resident course is ten months in duration. The college also offers a ten-month non-resident seminar program on select active USAF installations and at the Pentagon which mirrors the same ten-month academic schedule of the resident program.

How do I enroll in Air War College?


  1. If you meet the program eligibility, you must create an AU Portal account before enrolling. …
  2. Go to AF Portal and login.
  3. Under QUICK LINKS, scroll down to EDUCATION/TRAINING/FORCE DEVELOPMENT, and click on Air University Portal.

What is ACSC in Air Force?

Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), the Air Force’s intermediate professional military education (PME) school, prepares field grade officers of all services (primarily majors and major selects), international officers, and US civilians to assume positions of higher responsibility within the military and other …

What is JPME II?

Joint Professional Military Education, Phase II (JPME II) is a career milestone for joint warfighters and was designed and implemented to assist with the development of military leaders.

What does PME stand for military?

The Primary PME (officer and enlisted) courses are designed to provide a common educational baseline for junior officers (CWO2 to O4) and senior enlisted (E7 to E9) across the spectrum of professional military education as identified by the Officer Professional Military Education Program/Enlisted Professional Military …

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How do you get to War College?

Minimum of 15 years of military or government service. Baccalaureate degree or equivalent. High levels of command and staff experience. Have achieved a score of 80 or higher on the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test in those cases when English is not the native language.

Where is als Air Force?

The Barnes Center at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama is the source for all “comprehensive curriculum materials and program management guidance to each of the schools” according to the Center’s official site.

How long does it take to finish ACSC?

ACSC DL 6.0 is a rigorous program and requires a significant investment of time and attention to complete. Although it is possible to complete all requirements in 7 months, this requires significant focus and flexibility on the part of the student. Figure 1. The program consists of 12 courses (see Figure 1 above).


All eSchool IDE/ACSC DL graduates receive joint professional military education (JPME) phase I credit. … Students interested in earning a Master’s degree, in addition to IDE and JPME Phase I credit, should refer to the eSchool’s Online Master’s Program (OLMP) information page.

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