How do I find my College Board ID number?

How do I get my CBFinAid ID?

Your CBFinAid ID is the unique number you get when you create a CSS Profile online account. We use it to identify you and keep your information safe. You’ll be asked for this number whenever you contact CSS Profile customer service.

How do I find my SAT ID number?

The students SATS ID can be know from the SATS Home Page, if user knows the student name, date of birth and school name. If user selects the school name from the drop down by selecting district and Block, school code will be auto populated. The SATS id is displayed in the table with the details of the student.

What is my AP ID number?

The College Board

When you first enroll in a class section in My AP, you’re assigned a unique eight-digit alphanumeric code that serves as your official AP identifier for the exam administration. We use this code, called your AP ID, to associate you with your scores. The AP ID you receive is permanent.

How do I recover my College Board account?

How to Recover Your College Board Username and Password

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username and email address associated with your College Board account. …
  3. Correctly answer your security question and you will be prompted to reset your password.
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How do I find my IDOC ID?

How do I find out what it is? The student’s IDOC ID is located on his/her IDOC Cover Sheet and IDOC Requirements. If the student does not have either document, they should go to the IDOC Sign-In Page and enter his/her Social Security Number and Date of Birth, and then click the “Sign-In” button.

How do I access my College Board account?

To sign in, go to the College Board homepage and enter your username and password, or click on the Sign In button located in the top-right corner of most College Board pages.

How do I print out my SAT ticket?

Just go to the College Board website and sign in. Click on the link for “Print My Admission Ticket” and reprint.

How do I find my act ID?

You’ll find your ACT ID on the bottom of your admission ticket and at the top of your Student Report. The ACT ID is used to match you with your ACT scores. The ACT no longer collects Social Security Numbers, so all students enter their ACT ID from their admission ticket on their answer document when they take the test.

What happens if you don’t have ID for SAT?

If you don’t have an acceptable SAT photo ID, you can use the Student ID Form. A current photo must be attached to the form in the area indicated before the form is authenticated. The form will be used to verify your identity like a photo ID.

Where do I find my AP number?

If you don’t have your AP number, call AP Services at 888-225-5427 or 212-632-1780.

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How do I find my AP exam code?

After signing in to, you can click View Join Code + on the course card for each class you’re teaching.

What is AP Code?

« Back to Glossary Index. A six-character alphanumeric code attached to vendor master records that directs how transactions are posted to General Ledger accounts and also how they are aged.

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