Does Macomb Community College require SAT?

A minimum score of 500 is required on the handwritten test, minimum score of 173 is required on the computerized test and a score of 61 is required for the internet based test, to be considered for admission to Macomb Community College. The test results must be sent directly from the testing institution.

What GPA do you need to get into Macomb Community College?

Maintain a cumulative 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) and maintain a cumulative completion rate of at least 67%.

Can you go to community college without SAT?

The vast majority of community colleges are open enrollment, which means that they accept anyone who applies, as long as she has a high school diploma or GED. They generally don’t require standardized test scores.

Does Macomb Community College accept everyone?

Admission is open to any citizen or permanent resident of the United States. Students under 18 years of age must have a high school degree, GED, or be admitted to the College under the Dual Enrollment/Early Admit or Early College of Macomb programs. There are no admission requirements for non‑credit students.

What is a passing grade at Macomb Community College?

Students who achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 with a minimum of 12 credit hours earned in that semester appear on the Dean’s List under the designation full-time student (12 plus credit hours).

Grading, Reports and Symbols.

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Grade Honor Point Value Interpretation
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0 Passing
D- 0.7

Is a D+ A passing grade in college?

C+, C, C- indicates satisfactory performance. D+, D, D- indicates less than satisfactory performance. F indicates unsatisfactory performance (no credit: always include last date of attendance). P indicates Pass (A-, B and C will automatically be replaced by “P” when the Pass/No Pass option has been requested.

Is a C passing grade in college?

While a “C” is a passing grade at most colleges and universities, it is also a warning that you better get your act together. If you get a “C” on a paper, a project, or a test, it is possible to recover. A “C” in a course may interfere with your ability to do take more advanced classes or to continue in a major.

At what age is SAT taken?

The College Board has not set any minimum or a maximum age limit to register for the test. The SAT score is widely accepted in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Usually, students falling under the age group of 17-18 years for the test.

Is an 1100 a good score on the SAT?

A score of 1100 is a little better than average. It places you in the top 59th percentile nationally out of the 1.7 million test takers of the SAT entrance exam. The score indicates you’ve done a slightly above average job answering the questions on the Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing sections of the test.

Is the SAT hard?

So here is the short answer: Yes, the SAT is hard. You have to sit in one place for almost four hours, all while answering questions that range from straightforward to head-scratching difficult. … Again, you have to concentrate for hours, giving each question its due.

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Is macomb community college a good school?

Macomb is a great school! People give it so much crap just because it is a “community college”. It is the complete opposite! You get a great education for half the price of 4 year universities, and the campus seems very new and nice.

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