Best answer: How many academic colleges make up NMSU?

NMSU offers a wide range of programs and awards associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees through its main campus and four community colleges.

How many majors does NMSU offer?

You can pursue academic programs targeting a wide array of careers in industries as diverse as tourism, fashion, environment, resource management, education, and consumer sciences. Of our 22 bachelor degree programs, 14 are offered nowhere else in New Mexico.

What courses does NMSU offer?

Degree programs

Major (Concentration or Focus) Degree College
Conservation Ecology Bachelor of Science in Conservation Ecology Arts and Sciences
Counseling and Community Psychology Bachelor of Science Education
Criminal Justice Bachelor of Criminal Justice Arts and Sciences
Cybersecurity Bachelor of Science Arts and Sciences

How do I change my major NMSU?

A student can change their major, minor and/or concentration with their academic advisor/faculty. Undergraduate Students must submit an online request with the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support (CAASS). Changes will take approximately 3 business days to appear on the student’s account.

What are the 5 NMSU student core values?

By 2025, the university system will excel in promoting social mobility for our diverse population. This vision is grounded in the values of Leadership, Excellence, Access, Diversity and Student-centered education.

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