Best answer: Does Metropolitan Community College have dorms?

MCC does not offer residential life on campus. … MCC does not endorse or recommend any of the apartment search engines below.

Is Metropolitan Community College a good college?

MCC is a great school for getting the basic general education credits required for an Associate’s Degree. … Overall, the quality of the education was good.

How do you get into Metropolitan Community College?

Students who want to enroll in Metropolitan Community College have several avenues that lead to admission: a high school diploma, a High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) that certifies the equivalency of high school graduation, or home-school graduation, or transfer.

Is Metropolitan Community College free?

CollegeNow! is a program specifically designed for high school students to jumpstart their college education with half-price tuition. Students enroll into sections taught by Metropolitan Community College faculty on campus or online.

How much is a credit hour at MCC?

Tuition and Fee Rates for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Type of Residency Status Cost Per Credit/Clock
Rio National Online Out-of-State Residents Out-of-State Active Military and Veterans $250 per credit hour -OR- $2,750 per semester (11 credits or more) $241 per credit hour

How much is Metro Community College per credit hour?

Tuition Rates effective Fall 2021

Credit Hours In District Out of State
1 $116 $307
2 $232 $614
3 $348 $921
4 $464 $1,228
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What GPA is required for Metropolitan Community College?

To be considered in compliance, students must meet all three standards outlined in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress policy.

Standard 2: Cumulative Grade Point Average (Cumulative GPA)

Credit hours attempted Minimum cumulative GPA required
80+ 2.00
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